GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft (+8.2mm) in a short while avaible!

13.10.2011 19:26 | GY6 Engine 152qmi 157qmj performance News!

In a short while is this GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft (+8.2mm) avaible.

It has needed a long time to produce the GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft (+8.2mm), but our wishes must be completed to have one of the strongest, best quality GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft , complete with all parts to install , for the gyy6 engine in this world.

This GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft is produced in best Taiwan quality in cooperation with our German knownledge. They have tested  this crankshaft and it can be reached over 20HP.

This GY6 engine 66mm Crank (+8200) has a  Big End Pin - Black color which is surface diamond coating treatment (to prevent the crank from damage while the lubricant is leakage) work with a bigger motorcross needle bearing inside, the connecting  rod is cold forged and CNC machined.

In this Kit you will find the needed parts to install this crankshaft in your GY6 Scooter with GY6 152qmi / 157qmj engine. You will find the Monster performance crankshaft, Spacer, needed Gaskets, Chain and 2 special Dowels which will be needed to install this crank. So are all needed parts included to place this crank in your gy6 engine.

GY6 engine 152qmi 157qmj Monster Drag Race performance crankshaft 66mm


This crankshaft works with all known combinations of cylinders and pistons. For high compressions cylinder you need a extra Gasket 1mm, this is included in the package.

In the gy6 engine case there must be machined a part, so it is recommended to make the installment by a professional. You can see here the engine part to machine:

gy6 engine part

You can have chains of size 90 to 96 for the engine, so you can take all known cylinderheads of GY6 engine 152qmi / 157qmj, inclusive the higher heads with 66/67mm or the 4-valve heads. You can make a choice of the chain you need during order.

To become most power out of this gy6 66mm Monster crankshaft you shoud use a performance intake, carburator 28-30mm (Racing carb like Mikuni 30 TM or Keihin28PE) or Keihin CVK 30-32mm, tuning cylinder head or 4-valve head and a open Muffler / Exhaust. The Muffler/Exhaust must eventually machined (solder) to fit the new Size, with the Spacer the engine is round about 7mm higher as before.

If you are using your engine with this GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft (+8.2mm) you feel a power never got before with a GY6 152qmi / 157qmj engine.

Best perfomance part in highest quality, Made in Taiwan in cooperation with the knownledge from "Forextreme" Germany.



Hans G., 2012-04-17 18:06:45

Hello, the GY6 crankshaft 66mm (+8.2mm) is avaible with it`s Artikel Number: FET00032 , you can find in the search field with this Numer for 269€ complete.

CLAUDE B., 2012-04-03 15:38:53

Dear sir, I would like to know the GY6 66mm cranshaft (+8.2 mm) is available, and how much cost this pare parts. I'm waiting for your reply soon. Best regards. Claude BAY.

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