• 250cc CN250 CF-Moto

    The CN 250 engine is an engine of the original was installed in the Honda Helix 250th

    With our CN 250 engine spare parts are replacement parts for the rebuild of this engine license, known as CFMOTO 250cc. The bearings of the crankshaft are compared with the original engine other diameters.

    The items listed above match up (must be modified bearing) on ??the crankshaft, alternator and CDI also many Honda scooter (and clones) with CN 250 engine.

    This CFMOTO 172mm / 250 cc, for example, is buggy type: Kinroad XT 250 GK, Saiting ST250-F / D. Emperor Shark 250, Tongian Sports TJ-250, Kasea AB-7250, XL Xin Ling 250, 250 and other Eppella built buggy models. Similarly, in China many scooters 250 cc and in diverse maps