• 125cc 153QMI GY6 4-s

    e.g. KEEWAY ARN125, Genric 125 GT, F-ACT 125, Matrix 125

    This is a modified version of 152QMI engine.

    The differences (152QMI to 153QMI) are currently known:
    - The cylinder bores are different from the timing chain
    - Diameter of the crankcase 153QMI is only 60.5 mm
    - On the other cylinder head (13mm higher, changed unions) - thus, longer timing chain
    - Other form of Left cover and arrangement of the screws is therefore different
    - Engine mounts are different
    - Covering the engine is different.
    - Timing mark on 153QMI not as apparent as on 152QMI

    Similarities (152QMI/153QMI):
    - Final drive are identical
    - Coupling unit with converter, etc. identical.
    - Variator is working out the "big", so I shortened the 115mm Vario Vario sleeve / bushing. However, all other variators 152/157QMI fit for the exchange.
    - Carbs are identical, and intake.

    The engine is the 12 "version, hence the" long "belt fits 835/842mm