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We have much GY6 spare and performance  parts for the GY6 Engine 152QMI, 157QMJ, 158qmi, 139qma and 139qmb.

We have Standard spare parts for the GY6 Engine and GY6 Tuning / GY6 Performance Parts like GY6 Big Bore Cylinder.

Some of our GY6 Tuning / GY6  Performance Parts from forextreme will me made exclusive in Taiwan for us in highest quality, like our model of the dual ramp variomatic or the GY6 Big Bore high performance ceramic cylinder 160-1 and new the GY6 engine 152qmi and GY6 157qmj dragster racing crankshaft plug and play for extremly high GY6 performance with stroker crank. Our GY6 Dual Ramp Variomatic for GY6 engine 152qmi and GY6 157qmj engine is one of the best and strongest GY6 engine Varios  worldwide.

The GY6 engine is found in many Scooter models like tank, Baotian, Keeway, REX, Jinlun, Quingqi, Kreidler, Hisun, Tank, Johnway, Buffalo, Eppela, Flextech and many more.

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GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft (+8.2mm) in a short while avaible!

13.10.2011 19:26 | 2 Comments

This GY6 66mm Monster performance crankshaft is produced in best Taiwan quality in cooperation with our German knownledge.

This GY6 engine 66mm Crank (+8200) has a  Big End Pin - Black color which is surface diamond coating treatment (to prevent the crank from damage while the lubricant is leakage) work with a bigger motorcross needle bearing inside, the connecting  rod is cold forged and CNC machined.

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