GY6 Dragster racing (performance) crankshaft 61.5 ( +3.8mm stroker crank )

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GY6 racing performance piston for 61.5mm crankshaft



This is the best Choice for you if you want to make GY6 Engine Racing and must have much Power into your GY6 engine Scooter.

Included in this Kit is the Brandnew "forextreme" GY6 crankshaft with 61.5mm ( +3.8mm stroker crank ) in a brandnew Design.

This Design allows high power output without breaking. The Bearings are high quality bearings from Japan, best we can get for this GY6 high performance crankshaft. The Design is complete new, to maximize power and have long live. Some parts are used in Motocross Engines, so they are tested under hard conditions.

This Crank has a  Big End Pin - Black color which is surface diamond coating treatment (to prevent the crank from damage while the lubricant is leakage) work with a bigger motorcross needle bearing inside, the connecting  rod is cold forged and CNC machined.

Our Design of the Racing Crankshaft has more Power Output and is plug and play, no machine of engine case needed. Simply to change like a original crankshaft. Our crankshaft is ca. 120 gram less weight then the original GY6 crankshaft, so it revs up faster and - with some other changes - it has more power.

This crankshaft works with taiwan racing pistons from us for 25 Euro more, Artikel Number: ART218GY , if you want to use other or your given pistons you must maschine the piston a little to avoid damage while hitting the crank. Best choice is to use with one of our ceramic coated cylinders, we sell complete sets with cylinder and special designed Piston.

Adjust your Carb after installing the Kit to prevoid Cylinder Damage. Don`t drive with to lean carb settings, it can damage the cylinder/your engine.

Off Road! Not for Highway.

Plug and Play Installation

It is recommended to use a Tuning Cylinder Head for this Kit. For best performance you can use a carburator 27" / 28" with tuning intake.


Accleration 0-100 km/h GY6 engine 152mit / 157qmj:
Video from a possible accleration with 66mm crankshaft and 175ccm cylinder. This Videos don`t show the maximized performance. The example is made for Street (racing) usage. As example With shorter Gear is more accleration possible, here in the Video was used a 15x36 Gear. There is no racing Air Filter used, only modified Original.

GY6 engine 152qmi / 157qmj based Scooter accleration:
Dieses Video zeigt die Beschleunigung eines getunten GY6 - Baumarktrollers mit Tuning Teilen von Forextreme. Das ist nicht das maximal machbare, spiegelt aber einen Teil des möglichen wieder. Die Beschleunigung beträgt hier von 0-80 km/h ca. 07:11 Sekunden mit Digitalem Beschleuniungsmesser gemessen. In Taiwan und auf den Philipinen finden Dragster Racing Wettbewerbe mit Motorrollern auf GY6 152QMI und GY6 152 QMI Motoren statt. Dort werden mit einem guten Aufbau Geschwindigkeiten von über 130 km/h erreicht. This Vides shows a possible accleration example with 66mm crankshaft, 175ccm cylinder, 32mm keihin carburator, Setup for Street Driving. Really strong performance with both 61.5mm and 66mm crankshaft. With 66mm crank the torque in the upper/medium is higher - top Speeds can be reached with both cranks. Up to 120-135 real km/h. We use Digital Speedometer because chinese speedometer don`t shows realistic km/h, it shows between 130-50km/h while driving 100-110 real km/h.

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